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Hello Tamiami Parents,

First and foremost, I would like to welcome everyone to our 50th fall season. We celebrate 50 years of providing kids with an experience bigger than basketball.

My name is Robert Castillo and I am the President of Tamiami Basketball. I’ve been a part of the league for over 10 years and throughout that time, I’ve seen the program evolve as well as the game of basketball. We’ve all experienced changes in our lives due to everything going on in the world. One thing that stays consistent for all of us is Basketball. When I think about Tamiami, I’m not only thinking about the players; I also think about the coaches, the parents and families and friends we share this beautiful sport with.

This season we will be providing a unique uniform experience. I am looking forward to sharing with everyone what the uniform is going to look like. The Order was finalized recently as this year we had a third tryout and picked up some additional teams to add to every division making the league bigger and more competitive. We’ve also had an opportunity to pick up some new coaches who have shown commitment and dedication to the kids. I look forward to their first Tamiami basketball season.

This week will be our first preseason game. The game will be played so that the kids can get use to the courts, their new teammates and to their coach. It also allows the coaches to understand our Tamiami rules and regulations for specific divisions. The following game, players will receive their shooting shirts and the one after that will be the first game with their uniforms.

The season will run through November 24. We will have an All-Star event in November (more information to follow). The entire season schedule can be found on our website.

I want Tamiami to be a memorable experience for everyone. We hope you make the most of the season, with some players and even parents building lasting friendships and memories for years to come. 

I’m grateful for all of you giving me the opportunity of working with your kids and I’m grateful for the beautiful game of basketball.

I will see you all this week and look forward to an awesome start!

Thank you,

Robert Castillo 

Tamiami Basketball, President 



All coaches have a Level 1 background check run prior to playing games in our facility. Your coach will have his/her coaches shirt, as well as an ID with his coaches badge. Our volunteer coaches dedicate their times to our kids and our program. We are extremely grateful for everything that they do. 


Referees & Staff

We ask that you treat all of our referees and staff with respect. There will be zero tolerance for disrespect in the facility. If a fan becomes unruly, we will have the respective coach ask them to leave the facility. We are here for the kids and we need to keep the facility safe and respectful. Absolutely no exceptions will be made. Once you are removed from the facility, league members will determine if it will be permanent. 

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Tamiami Basketball

Tamiami Youth Basketball 501-c3

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Coaches Corner

All Coaches, Assistants and Staff must fill out this Background Form. 

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The Tamiami Youth Basketball program is designed to teach and motivate our youth to set and achieve goals by stressing the importance of commitment, integrity, confidence, and overcoming obstacles. We believe we have a responsibility to educate and empower our communities to be successful, productive citizens for tomorrow.

Through our Community Basketball Program, we use the sport of Basketball as a conduit to promote the importance of academics, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Our League, which is run by volunteers, provides a fun, yet competitive safe environment where our children can learn the fundamental skills necessary for success on and off the basketball court.


Tamiami Basketball  
Address 10901 SW 24 STREET  
Phone Number 3052731145